A photo of a man talking on the phone in front of his computer. Used as the featured image for a blog post from Cool Copy Club on how to DIY your brand voice and messaging strategy.

5 Questions to Help You Nail Your Brand Voice

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“Brand voice” is just one of those brand-building things. It feels squishy and confusing and ever-changing in a way that you’re not even sure that you actually know what it is. Not only that, but marketers looooooove to use “brand voice” as a hot-button topic. You need it. No actually, you don’t need it. Before […]


How to keep your business from losing money during the slow summer season.

Summer is historically a slow time for service-based businesses. Your target audience is slowing down to take vacations, spend time with their family, and pump the breaks on the hustling that they’ve focused on in the first half of the year. And can you blame them? Chances are, you’re in the mood to do the […]

How to “Summer Proof” Your Service-based Business

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