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90+ Unexpected Word Alternatives to Use in Your Copy

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There is definitely an online service provider “vernacular” that is easy to slip into. Though it might not be as conspicuous to our clients outside of the space (which, at the end of the day, is really what matters) it’s definitely noticeable if you’ve been in this industry long enough to notice. At best, it’s […]


A photo of a hand holding a green phone against a black background used as the promotional photo for a blog post from Cool Copy Club about why brand messaging strategy is important for personal brands.

There’s a common belief in the online business space that personal brands, or brands that heavily feature their founder as the face and voice of the company, don’t need a solid messaging strategy or tone of voice. Because, if the voice of the brand is the voice of the founder, then that voice is easy […]

Do personal brands need a messaging strategy?

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A product photo of The Market Research Vault, a market research and messaging resource for creative service providers.

How to Use Market Research to Heat Up a Cold Audience

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Jumping into work after the holiday lull is never easy. You’re trying to plan and prep, while your typically active audience is moving slower than usual.  The silence and slowness can certainly cause some stress. But there’s a personal, engaging, low cost way to get your audience back on your side after a slow season: […]


A photo of a brunette girl with price tag stickers covering her face. Used as the featured image in a blog post about how to market your business without using social media.

Instagram and TikTok business “gurus” have made many new entrepreneurs believe social media is marketing. This is those “gurus” way of selling you their product and advice without taking your actual business needs into account.  Conflating marketing and social media can be detrimental for your business for two major reasons:  It’s an easy trap to […]

Money Making Marketing for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Social Media

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Why you shouldn’t trust ChatGPT to write your website copy

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We won’t shy away from the fact that we’re ChatGPT haters. Sure, it has its uses (we’ve tried it for SEO, meal prepping, having conversations in French, and curating a list of all the Taylor Swift songs that include the words “haunted,” “haunting,” and “ghost” for a Halloween party playlist). It was decent at those […]


A woman stands in the middle of a flurry of white paper in an office. Used for a promotional image on Cool Copy Club's 2024 Digital Marketing trend predictions.

As we settle into 2024, we’re starting to see the marketing shifts planted in 2023 bloom. Here are the predicted trends you’ll want to get on board with — before less-savvy marketers catch on.  Long-form content stealing the spotlight As a collective, consumers are pushing back against mindless microcontent stealing away our attention spans. We […]

CCC State of the Union: Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

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