90+ Unexpected Word Alternatives to Use in Your Copy

There is definitely an online service provider “vernacular” that is easy to slip into. Though it might not be as conspicuous to our clients outside of the space (which, at the end of the day, is really what matters) it’s definitely noticeable if you’ve been in this industry long enough to notice.

At best, it’s a little irksome when everyone is using the same words to describe themselves and their work. At worst, it’s confusing and a potential turn off to the reader because your copy isn’t written with your audience in mind.

Either way, if you’re ready to shake up the language that you’re using to describe your brand and the work that you do, here are some great alternatives. Oh, also? If you love and your clients love these words, use them. Your business, your rules.

If you’re sick of: scale, skyrocket, level up, uplevel, quantum leap

As in: skyrocket your business to new heights.

Try these instead:

  • escalate
  • grow
  • expand
  • cultivate
  • increase
  • advance
  • mature
  • build
  • amplify

If you’re sick of: aligned

As in: attract the aligned clients you’ve been dreaming of.

Try these instead:

  • matched
  • like-minded
  • target
  • compatible
  • desired
  • aspirational
  • sought-after

If you’re sick of: sustainable

As in: build a business that is sustainable.

Try these instead:

  • tenable
  • feasible
  • livable
  • supportable
  • unceasing
  • viable
  • worthwhile
  • steady
  • dependable

If you’re sick of: disruptor, rebel, badass

As in: website designer for disruptors, rebels, and badass entrepreneurs.

Try these instead:

  • innovative
  • cool
  • open-minded
  • out-of-the-box
  • experimental
  • nonconformist
  • weirdo
  • misfit
  • eccentric
  • oddball
  • self-assured
  • revolutionary
  • daredevil
  • risk-taker
  • troublemaker

If you’re sick of: empower

As in: brand photography to empower you as a business owner.

Try these instead:

  • legitimize
  • qualify
  • accredit
  • embolden
  • support
  • uplift
  • amplify
  • enable
  • entitle
  • allow

If you’re sick of: basic

As in: my basic Pinterest package.

Try these instead:

  • fundamental
  • necessary
  • vital
  • primary
  • key
  • essential
  • core

If you’re sick of: scroll-stopping

As in: attract your ideal clients with scroll-stopping graphics.

Try these instead:

  • jaw-dropping
  • mind-blowing
  • attractive
  • sexy
  • hot
  • unbelievable
  • page turning
  • bingeable
  • binge-worthy
  • astonishing
  • not boring
  • captivating
  • amazing

If you’re sick of: bespoke

As in: bespoke brand and website design.

Try these instead:

  • custom
  • personalize
  • custom-made
  • tailored
  • luxury
  • specially-made
  • custom-build
  • hand-crafted
  • fashioned
  • produced

If you’re sick of: authentic

As in: build a brand that is authentic to you.

Try these instead:

  • accurate
  • authoritative
  • accredited
  • credible
  • trustworthy
  • reliable
  • legit
  • actual
  • genuine
  • true
  • believable
  • dependable
  • tried-and-true

If you’re sick of: bestie, slay, “it’s giving,” any popular slang

First, let’s acknowledge that most slang is swiped directly from AAVE. If you’re a black or POC creator or entrepreneur, then feel free to ignore this. If you’re not, and you’re tapping into slang you see on TikTok in hopes of targeting a younger audience, let’s talk.

As a business owner, slang feels like an easy way to get “in touch” with younger generations. At times, and used selectively and intentionally, it is. But in general, using slang throughout your content and copy can easily feel out of place and dated. It’s “cheugy,” if you will. Plus, you don’t want the burden of updating your copy and brand language every time a slang term goes out of style, it’s exhausting and bad for brand recognition. Instead, build a shared language around things that your target audience actually cares about: personality, sustainability, visual branding, and activism, to name a few. Share your values openly and aim to keep your copy transparent, welcoming, straightforward, and evergreen.