3 Valuable Copywriting Tools for Your Small Business

No matter how word-averse you are, your brand needs stellar, persuasive copy to succeed (even Forbes agrees.) Every single word you write is a chance to catch someone’s eye and convert them to a lifetime customer. 

That sounds like a lot of pressure, especially if you’re not a writer, but don’t panic. There are plenty of incredible small business copywriting tools to choose from — all without breaking the bank. 

Keep reading to learn about three valuable business copy tools that act as the perfect starting point. 

Marketing Examples

Inspiration can be hard to come by, especially when looooads of the copy we see in our daily lives is boring and formulaic. To get ideas from truly great copy, turn to Marketing Examples. It’s free, easy to navigate, and ripe with brilliant marketing strategies for your brainstorming pleasure. 

On Marketing Examples, you can filter by type, style, and B2C or B2B. Want to see what conversational B2C ad examples are known to convert? No prob. Need ideas for simple blog headers? Yeah, you can filter for that, too. 

On top of conversion copywriting, you can find inspo for SEO, Sales, Social, and more. There are thousands of the best marketing strategies at your disposal, all laid out in a neat, Pinterest-like design. And I can’t stress this enough: it’s all for free. 

Save yourself a few hours of trying to recall the best copy you’ve seen, and take advantage of this fantastic tool. 


You can have well-written, informative, and even entertaining content. But none of that matters unless it’s relevant to your audience. 

Don’t rely on guesswork here. Instead, plug your keywords into AnswerThePublic.com. This tool crawls Google, YouTube, and Bing and spits out invaluable consumer insights, allowing you to develop a content strategy that your customers genuinely care about.  

There’s a free version, which grants 3 daily searches, and paid tiers. 

Don’t let the word “paid” scare you away — this tool has great pricing for your small business marketing needs. Here are the tiers and what you’ll get with them: 


For $9/month or a $99 lifetime payment, you’ll get 100 searches per day and CPC and search volume data. However, you can only have one user on your account. 

For fresh, solo entrepreneurs looking for startup copywriting tools though, this is by far the best deal you’ll find. 


This tier costs $99/month or a $990 lifetime payment. At this level, you’ll have unlimited searches per day, CPC and search volume data, and up to three users on your account. 

If you’ve got a small team needing to monitor varied business searches and want to use this data for strategies and presentations to potential investors, this would be the better tier.


The Expert tier is best for larger businesses with extra dough to spend. It costs $199/month or a one-time payment of $1,990. It includes everything mentioned about, except unlimited users can access your account. 

For those just starting or those mid-way through their journey, I wouldn’t recommend this tier. Definitely get a feel for the tool and let your business grow before making any major investments like this.

Copywriting Templates

So what if your skills aren’t in copywriting? Stop spending days banging your head against the keyboard, waiting for the words to come. You’ve got a business to run and I’ve got the perfect solution to make your web copy shine. 

Transform your website with effortless conversion-driven copy using a fully customizable copywriting template. This template has an easy-to-understand structure and user-friendly prompts that’ll empower you to take control of your brand’s online presence.

Get a full suite of completely customized web copy in a matter of hours — all while learning the foundation for creating persuasive, first-person copy you can use across your entire brand. 

Your purchase gets you:

  • Fill-in-the-blank home, about, services, and contact pages.
  • White-labeled, so you can use it for yourself and your clients.
  • Professional, high-touch copy without a four-figure price tag. 

Ready to kick your website into high (conversion) gear? Get your website copy template today. 

Not A Copywriter? With the Right Copywriting Resources, It Doesn’t Matter

Stop trying to pull words out of thin air. You know your time is better spent on other aspects of your business! 

Instead, utilize these cost-effective copywriting tools to build your brand. Seek inspiration on Marketing Examples. Understand your audience with AnswerThePublic. Save hours by using personalized copy templates. 
Looking for more copywriting resources? You already know we’ve got you covered. Head on over to our copywriting resource shop to find the right copywriting template for you.